Following the F8 conference yesterday, and a slew of micro-feature launches on the Facebook platform earlier this week, Zuckerberg introduced the timeline profile. This new layout allows members to see all of their Facebook activity over time in a summarized view, getting easier access to past content, and ultimately a full personal life story (or will be “life story” if you plan to be a Facebook user for twenty more years).


Though the feature doesn’t fully launch until next Friday, September 30th, I used the Facebook Develop platform to gain early access (thank you, CNET, for the tip). After a few simple steps, I was in, and grabbed screenshots of the tour for you to check out:


Developer access success:

Facebook's timeline preview

Step 1: Adding a “cover” to your profile. This sits across the top of your page, and gives the page a polished, photo-blog appearance.

Add profile cover image

Step 2: A dashboard at the top (instead of the former left hand side navigation) for access to your main assets.

Add dashboard

Step 3: You now have an activity log. This shows you in a plain format all the activities you’ve done on Facebook.

Activity log

Here is what the activity log looks like if you click on the “view activity” link:

Activity log view

Step 4: Here is the actual new timeline format. The line down the center acts as the timeline measure, and your activities pop out on the right and left alternatively, in the order which they occurred. Sort of a timeline that’s standing up, rather than running horizontally across the page.

Timeline format

Step 5: Another nice feature, you can customize your timeline to make certain events more prominent on the page. So for example, if I wanted to shamelessly plug my personal blog each day, I could amp up those posts, so they don’t get lost in the clutter of all my other activity.

Customize stories

Now that your life story is on display in a much more accessible fashion–you can add in events that you didn’t take the time to capture on Facebook before.

Add life events

And there you have it. Here’s what my new profile looks like after completing the tour, and adding my cover photo:

Updated timeline and cover photo

The new profile, with cover photo. It looks like a blog, doesn’t it?


So, what do you think? Too much change to handle at once? Or are you excited to try it out? I hope this preview helps your transition next week!


Melanie Weinberger is a Digital Strategist at Launchpad, follow her @melruns